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After 10 years of service, the old site is now updated to a new one.

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Beside some changes under the hood – in general to give a better impression for visitors on mobile and tablet devices, the portfolio section has been renewed.

In the new portfolio there are now more possibilities to showcase film and multi media projects. Since I’m gradually moving more to film and visual storytelling.

Please feel welcome to see new work (photo and film) on the portfolio, in the work section. Or read the latest news, projects, publications in the news section!

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Marokkaanse Boot in Amsterdam Museum


The Amsterdam Museum exhibition ‘De Mooiste Stad – Amsterdam door de ogen van Eberhard van der Laan’ is an ode to the city of Amsterdam. Curated by mayor Eberhard van der Laan. This, very sadly, in light of his soon to be pass away.

As guest-curator, Van der Laan chose 80 pieces from the Amsterdam Museum and Stadsarchief (city archive). To show how Amsterdam did cope with previous challenges as fast growing city. And with the intention to open discussion on future ones.

Among the works chosen was an image of the Marokkaanse Boot. Taken during the Amsterdam Pride 2018.

Impression of exhibition Amsterdam door de ogen van Eberhard van der Laan at Amsterdam Museum, featuring the image Marokkaanse Boat by photographer Bram Belloni.
Impression exhibition Amsterdam door de ogen van Eberhard van der Laan at Amsterdam Museum. Middle: photograph titled De Marokkaanse Boot, by Bram Belloni.

With caption reading:

PROUD OF PRIDE – ‘Pride Amsterdam is not so much an event, it is a symbol of the open and tolerant city we want to be. We celebrate the freedom to be ourselves.’ When Van der Laan was mayor he joined the Canal Parade almost every year. This photograph shows the Moroccan boat.

Tearsheet of Dutch news paper Het Parool June 16th, 2018, review exhibition De Mooiste Stad at Amsterdam Museum, featuring image De Marokkaanse Boot by photographer Bram Belloni.
Tear sheet of Dutch news paper Het Parool June 16th, 2018, with review by Geert Mak of exhibition De Mooiste Stad at Amsterdam Museum. Featuring image De Marokkaanse Boot (below, 2nd left) by photographer Bram Belloni. (click for bigger image)

I felt honored that this image was noticed and chosen by ‘my’ mayor – a great mayor and man. And was proud that this specific topic, advocating the freedom to be ourselves, is something the city stands for.

Visual Diary #022 – Abbey Hoes at Gouden Kalf Award Ceremony


How a twenty-year-old wins the Gouden Kalf Award, the Grand Prize of Dutch Film, for Best Actress:

Nederland, Utrecht, 10 oktober 2014. Het 34ste Nederlands Film Festival 2014. Abby Hoes wint Gouden Kalf Beste Actrice voor haar rol in Nena. Foto: Bram Belloni / The Netherlands, Utrecht, 10 October 2014. The 34rd Netherlands Film Festival 2014. Dutch actress Abbey Hoes wins Golden Calf Best Actress for Dutch feature film Nena. Photo: Bram Belloni / (c) 2014, (Bram Belloni)
Dutch actress Abbey Hoes wins Gouden Kalf for Best Actress for her role in Nena, at the NFF Award Ceremony
October 2014, Bram Belloni for NFF

The Netherlands Film Festival, which i also covered this year, is the festival for dutch film and hosts the Gouden Kalf (Golden Calf) Awards, the Grand Prize of Dutch Film.

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