Netherlands Film Festival 2004 - Red Carpet
Netherlands Film Festival 2008 - Loek Peters (cast), Sally Harmsen (cast), Robert Jan Westdijk (director) and Ramsey Nasr (cast) at premiere Het Echte Leven
Netherlands Film Festival 2011 - Gaite Jansen and Monic Hendrickx at premiere Lotus
Netherlands Film Festival 2009 - Erwin Olaf and Michiel van Erp at premiere Erwin Olaf, on Beauty and Fal
Netherlands Film Festival 2014 - Carice van Houten, Halina Reijn, Chantal Janzen, Géza Weisz at premiere Bloedlink
Netherlands Film Festival 2000 - Fedja van Huêt and Angelique de Bruijne at premiere Wilde Mossels
Netherlands Film Festival 2011 - Gaite Jansen at premier 170Hz
Netherlands Film Festival 2017 - Anneke Sluiters and director Mike van Diem at prmiere Tulipani
Netherlands Film Festival 2013 - Cast Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing at premiere Hoe Duur was de Suiker
Netherlands Film Festival 2014 - Percy Gibson, cast Joan Collins and Linda de Mol at premiere Ellis in Wonderland
Netherlands Film Festival 2011 - Robert de Hoog at premiere Isabelle
Netherlands Film Festival 2013 - director Paul Verhoeven at premiere Hoe Duur was de Suiker
Netherlands Film Festival 2005 - Peter Blok, Maria Goos (screenplay) and Sophie van Winden at premiere LEEF!
Netherlands Film Festival 2008 - Tom Jansen, Tara Elders and Johnny de Mol at premiere Vox Populi
Netherlands Film Festival 2002 - Audience during photo call and signing session by the cast of Dutch film Costa!
Netherlands Film Festival 2011 - Houten presents her new Golden Tile with her hand print at the Talent & Pro Filmboulevard
Netherlands Film Festival 2006 - Marc van Uchelen (cast), Jan Peter Balkenende, Moniek van de Ven (cast), Edwin de Vries, festival director Doreen Boonekamp at screening De Aanslag
Netherlands Film Festival 2003 - George Sluizer and Johanna ter Steege at premiere Verder dan de Maan
Netherlands Film Festival 2003 - Caro Lenssen during Acteursbuffet
Netherlands Film Festival 2012 - Femke Halsema, Robert Oey (director), Mark Rutte (demissionairy Minister-President of the Netherlands) at Premiere documentary Fallen (Gesneuveld)
Netherlands Film Festival 1999 - Monique van de Ven (cast), Jan de Bont (cinematographer), Hans Kemna (casting), Edwin de Vries at Celebration Dutch Film of the Century: Turks Fruit
Netherlands Film Festival 2004 - Monic Hendrickx, host Matthijs van Nieuwkerk at the festivals daily Talksshow
Netherlands Film Festival 2008 - Eva van de Wijdeven, Birgit Schuurman, Jeroen Willems en Tygo Gernandt at live concert of Jodie Foster Experience
Netherlands Film Festival 2014 - Roeland Fernhout, Jennifer Hofman, Noah de Nooij, Julian Ras at premiere Dummie de Mummie
Netherlands Film Festival 2005 - Actress Katja Schuurman, editor Merel Notten and other favourite cast and crew of director Theo van Gogh gather for special commemoration of the tragically deceased director
Netherlands Film Festival 2008 - Winner Golden Calf for best actor: Robert de Hoog in Skin
Netherlands Film Festival 2004 - Director Eddy Terstall (middle), winner Gouden Kalf for Best Direction with Simon is getting made ready for TV interview after the presentation
Netherlands Film Festival 2007 - Sylvia Hoeks (nominated Best Female Supporting Role jn Duska) and partner prior to the presentation
Netherlands Film Festival 2005 - The three actresses nominated for Best Actress in Supporting Role, from left; Sophie van Winden, Lidewij Mahler and Sarah Jonker
Netherlands Film Festival 2006 - Paul Verhoeven (winner Best Director for Zwartboek), right; Carice van Houten (winner Best Leading Actress for Zwartboek)
Netherlands Film Festival 2005 - Mimoun Oaissa, Tygo Gernandt, Yahya Gaier and whole cast of Het Schnitzelparadijs wins Gouden Kalf for Best Actor in Supporting Role.
The Netherlands Film Festival 2014 - Abby Hoes (winner Best Leading Actress in Nena) on stage after ceremony
Netherlands Film Festival 2012 - Reinout Scholten van Aschat (winner Best Leading Actor in De Heineken Ontvoering) with father, and actor, Gijs Scholten van Aschat
Netherlands Film Festival 2003 - Actor Hanin Msellek (left) and director Theo van Gogh with their Gouden Kalf for Best TV Drama Najib and Julia.
Netherlands Film Festival 2007 - Stijn Koomen (cast), Mijke de Jong (winner Best Direction for Tussenstand), Elsie de Brauw (winner Best Leading Actress for Tussenstand) and Marcel Musters (nominated Best Actor for Tussenstand) wins Gouden Kalf Awards for Tussenstand
Netherlands Film Festival 2004 - Mimoun Ouled Radi, Mohamed Chaara, Mimoun Oaissa winners Gouden Kalf Award with film Shouf Shouf Habibi!
The Netherlands Film Festival 2004 - Audience poses with Gouden Kalf Award
The PremieresThe Red Carpet
The PremieresHet Echte Leven
The PremieresLotus
The PremieresErwin Olaf, on Beauty and Fall
The PremieresBloedlink
The PremieresWilde Mossels
The Premieres170 Hz
The PremieresTulipani
The PremieresHoe duur was de suiker
The PremieresEllis in Wonderland
The PremieresIsabelle
The PremieresHoe Duur was de Suiker
The PremieresLEEF!
The PremieresVox Populi
As seen on the FestivalCosta! Fans
As seen on the FestivalCarice van Houten on Filmboulevard
As seen on the FestivalJan Peter Balkenende meets De Aanslag
As seen on the FestivalGeorge Sluizer and Johanna ter Steege
As seen on the FestivalCaro Lenssen at Acteursbuffet
As seen on the FestivalPremiere Gesneuveld
As seen on the FestivalTurks Fruit, Dutch Film of the Century
As seen on the FestivalMonic Hendrickx in Daily Talkshow
As seen on the FestivalGrolsch party – Monic & zo
As seen on the FestivalPremiere Dummie de Mummie
As seen on the FestivalCommemoration Theo van Gogh
The Golden Calf AwardsRobert de Hoog in Skin
The Golden Calf Awards Eddy Terstall, director Simon
The Golden Calf AwardsNominee Silvia Hoeks and partner awaiting the nominations
The Golden Calf AwardsThree nominees
The Golden Calf AwardsThe Zwartboek winnings
The Golden Calf AwardsHet Schnitzelparadijs – Best Actors in Supporting Role
The Golden Calf AwardsActress Abby Hoes after Golden Calf Award Ceremony
The Golden Calf AwardsReinout Scholten van Aschat wins Best Leading Actor
The Golden Calf AwardsNajib en Julia Best TV Drama
The Golden Calf AwardsTussenstand wins 3 Golden Calfs
The Golden Calf AwardsThe Shouf Shouf Habibies
The Golden Calf AwardsDancing around the Golden Kalf
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Everybody famous!

Photo reporting from the Netherlands Film Festival

Two decades of images at the Netherlands Film Festival, the annual Dutch film festival with the main prizes for Dutch film – The Golden Calf Awards.

The work consist of daily news gathering for the NFF Daily newpaper and was included in the news wire of Dutch news and photo agency ANP/Hollandse Hoogte.

Red carpets, celebrities and fans, wheeler-dealers, rising stars and the old masters; a view at the Dutch film industry over the years.

  • Publication: NFF Daily newspaper
  • Syndicated through ANP/HH news feed