Visual Diary #022 – Abbey Hoes at Gouden Kalf Award Ceremony


How a twenty-year-old wins the Gouden Kalf Award, the Grand Prize of Dutch Film, for Best Actress:

Nederland, Utrecht, 10 oktober 2014. Het 34ste Nederlands Film Festival 2014. Abby Hoes wint Gouden Kalf Beste Actrice voor haar rol in Nena. Foto: Bram Belloni / The Netherlands, Utrecht, 10 October 2014. The 34rd Netherlands Film Festival 2014. Dutch actress Abbey Hoes wins Golden Calf Best Actress for Dutch feature film Nena. Photo: Bram Belloni / (c) 2014, (Bram Belloni)
Dutch actress Abbey Hoes wins Gouden Kalf for Best Actress for her role in Nena, at the NFF Award Ceremony
October 2014, Bram Belloni for NFF

The Netherlands Film Festival, which i also covered this year, is the festival for dutch film and hosts the Gouden Kalf (Golden Calf) Awards, the Grand Prize of Dutch Film.

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