Tearsheets: Editorial Photography for Folia Magazine


Folia Magazine, an independent publication for the University of Amsterdam I frequently work for, recently got redesigned. With art directors at Vruchtvlees we worked on the photography for the new cover.

Folia Magazine 17-2014/2015, Cover photography: Bram Belloni, art direction: Vruchtvlees. (Bram Belloni)
Folia new food bloggers Tristan and Gregory, cover Folia Magazine 17-2015
Amsterdam, January 2015, Bram Belloni for Folia Magazine

They wanted to go for a clean and more graphical shot. In support of the redesign leaning heavily on typography. Vegetables on the cover are digital altered (but all were thrown in air).

The Netherlands, Amsterdam, 13 January 2015. Portrait Tristan van Hoolwerff (l) and Gregory Edelenbos (r), students at Hogeschool van Amsterdam and Folias new food bloggers. Photo: Bram Belloni / Nederland, Amsterdam, 13 januari 2015. Portret Tristan van Hoolwerff  (l) en Gregory Edelenbos (r), studenten aan Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) en nieuwe Kookbloggers van Folia Magazine. Foto: Bram Belloni / (c) 2015, www.belloni.nl (Bram Belloni)
Tristan and Gregory. Amsterdam, January 2015
Bram Belloni for Folia Magazine

Besides the cover photography, we did a lot of additional work for dedicated use on the Foliaweb website and for use in their blog posts.

Screen shot Foliaweb-website with different uses of the shoot
Screen shot Foliaweb-website with different uses of the shoot

> art direction: Vruchtvlees
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