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Visual Diary #017 – Athens, Omonia Square

Omonia Square
July 2013, Athens

See it > High Def on Vimeo

Visual Diary #016 – Athens Summer Solstice

Greece, Athens, 21 June 2013. View on Acropolis (northern face, viewed from Ancient Agora of Athens) on summer solstice 2013. Photo: Bram Belloni / (c) 2013, (Bram Belloni)

Acropolis, summer solstice 2013
June 2013, Bram Belloni

Working in Greece – June, July 2013

In June, July 2013 i am working in and from Athens, Greece.

Having some time ‘off’, i can deepen my work and fully focus new ways of story telling. Because the field is changing fast.

And besides that, i am available for editorial assignments in the area.

Visual Diary #011 – Production Video Morocco

For the I Am Gay and Muslim documentary i am traveling Morocco as photographer and cameraman. See what we do (sorry dutch only):

> More production diaries at Stichting art.1 YouTube channel
> Follow the project on Facebook: I Am Gay And Muslim Project Page
> About the production: Stichting art.1

Visual Diary #010 – Moroccan Street Art

Seen in Medina of Asilah, Morocco. Spray my wall too!

Morocco, Asilah, 12 December 2011. Street art Asilah Medina. Photo: Bram Belloni / (c) 2011, (Bram Belloni)

Street art Asilah Medina. Credits to the (unknown) artist.
December 2011

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Visual Diary #003 – India

India Overnight Express. Other night travelers along the Delhi – Jammu route by the Jammu Rajdhani Express.

Train station at night
en route Delhi - Jammu, India, 2011

Visual Diary #002 – India

Found out during my 2011 trip to India that it is a truly photogenic country.


India, Jammu & Kashmir, Jammu City, 13 July 2011. Indian traditional ceremonial dress. Photo: Bram Belloni / (c) 2011, (Bram Belloni)

Indian ceremonial dressJammu & Kashmir province, India, 2011