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New in portfolio: Corporate Portraits

What makes a corporate portrait a corporate portrait? Isn’t it a portrait like all portraits? Well, actually it is. But, when you take all circumstances into account before the shoot, just like every portrait session, you notice that a corporate portrait is clearly different from a normal, editorial portrait.

Corporate portraits; suits, suits, suits

First, it is normally assigned by, or for, the client itself. So the picture need to match their corporate image. Second, you deal with people who aren’t familiar to be photographed, like people in showbiz, or see the importance of a good, well prepared portrait. This varies from ‘i’ve got two minutes between those meetings’ CEO’s to ‘do i have to do that in front of my co-workers’ employees. Third, suits, suits, suits. Oh, and did i mentioned office spaces (white, fluorescent light)?

With assignments like these, i always try to find a balance between the often formal image of the company and the personalities it embodies. It’s the people that make the company, right?

With the ending of the fiscal year and forthcoming annual reports a small section of corporate portraits. Assigned by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Pure Legal, Stadgenoot Housing Corporation and NICAM for their annual reports and corporate publications.

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