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Visual Diary #022 – Abbey Hoes at Gouden Kalf Award Ceremony

How a twenty-year-old wins the Gouden Kalf Award, the Grand Prize of Dutch Film, for Best Actress:

Nederland, Utrecht, 10 oktober 2014. Het 34ste Nederlands Film Festival 2014. Abby Hoes wint Gouden Kalf Beste Actrice voor haar rol in Nena. Foto: Bram Belloni / The Netherlands, Utrecht, 10 October 2014. The 34rd Netherlands Film Festival 2014. Dutch actress Abbey Hoes wins Golden Calf Best Actress for Dutch feature film Nena. Photo: Bram Belloni / (c) 2014, (Bram Belloni)

Dutch actress Abbey Hoes wins Gouden Kalf for Best Actress for her role in Nena, at the NFF Award Ceremony.
October 2014, Bram Belloni for NFF

The Netherlands Film Festival, which i also covered this year, is the festival for dutch film and hosts the Gouden Kalf (Golden Calf) Awards, the Grand Prize of Dutch Film.

> See Abbey Hoes in Nena – International Trailer
> Read more about the Nederlands Film Festival (dutch)

A New Office

Just moved to an other part of town! From former bank to former warehouse in the Nieuwmarkt – Lastage area, an old (and still very genuine) district of Amsterdam.

All is up and running now (almost). So when around, please drop by for a drink in our garden!

new office

(Bram Belloni)

> New office (visit) address
Peperstraat 13 hs
1011 TJ Amsterdam

Working in Greece – June, July 2013

In June, July 2013 i am working in and from Athens, Greece.

Having some time ‘off’, i can deepen my work and fully focus new ways of story telling. Because the field is changing fast.

And besides that, i am available for editorial assignments in the area.

I AM GAY AND MUSLIM on Exhibition

The I am Gay and Muslim photo series is from 26 march till 25 may, 2013, on display at Amsterdam municipality Stadsdeelkantoor Oost.

Exhibition photo series I AM GAY AND MUSLIM by Bram Belloni, 26 march - 25 may 2013, at Amsterdam municipality Stadsdeelkantoor Oost, the Netherlands. Series is made after film documentary I AM GAY AND MUSLIM (2012) by Chris Belloni. (Bram Belloni)

Exhibition photo series I AM GAY AND MUSLIM 26 march – 25 may 2013, at Amsterdam municipality Stadsdeelkantoor Oost, the Netherlands.

Opening, by alderman Lieke Thesingh, already took place. The photo exhibition and various screenings of the film in Amsterdam East-area are facilitated by Stadsdeel Oost to discuss the topics of sexual diversity and tolerance.

I am Gay and Muslim photo exhibition Amsterdam Stadsdeel Oost
26 march – 25 may, 2013
Oranje-Vrijstaatplein 2, Amsterdam

> website Stadsdeel Oost

I am Gay and Muslim photo doc on Pride Photo Award 2012

Morocco, Rabat, 09 February 2012. Portrait Brahim, photo series I Am Gay and Muslim project by dutch foundation Stichting art.1. Photo: Bram Belloni / (c) 2012, - CREDIT MANDATORY: Bram Belloni for Stichting art.1 (Bram Belloni)

Brahim - Rabat, Morocco - special mention Pride Photo Award 2012
February 2012, Bram Belloni for Stichting art.1

Winners of the Pride Photo Award 2012, an annual international photo contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity, just got announced. The over-all winning photo is from Dutch photographer Chris Rijksen, as part of the brave series Gender as a performance.

I was very happy to hear that the I am Gay and Muslim photo documentary received a special mention. And hope this will draw attention to the issues gay Muslim youth encounter.

The award ceremony will take place on the 28th of September in the Old Church, Amsterdam. Opening of the exhibition will be then and there too, so if you happen to be nearby, don’t miss out on the winners.

Pride Photo Award is an initiative of the Amsterdam branch of the COC (Dutch LGBT organization), IHLIA (International Gay and Lesbian Information center and Archive) and the Homomonument Foundation. With support and advice from Foam (Photo museum Amsterdam) and World Press Photo.

Read more on the:
> Pride Photo Award
> Pride Photo Award 2012 winners
> I am Gay and Muslim documentary project (film)

Documentary I am Gay and Muslim Premiers

After months of work, partly in Morocco, the documentary I am Gay and Muslim premiers during the Roze Filmdagen 2012 (Amsterdam Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2012). A documentary that focuses on the subject of gay rights in the Islamic world.

I am very proud of Chris Belloni, the maker of this project, for creating such a special film on such a delicate subject. And it is really nice to see the footage, which came for a big part from my hands, in 2K digital projection. I got blown away by the quality of today’s digital HD camera’s, as shown in the final version on the big screen. Even footage shot on small consumer camera’s, like the Sony NEX series, still stand out.

See Chris speak about the film and upcoming premiere at the Roze Filmdagen (in dutch), here:

FestBits Roze Filmdagen 2012 (via DyzloFilm)

The film is to be seen in Amsterdam till the end of march and will be shown at various international film festivals, for now.

> read more on the project on the I am Gay and Muslim website

Morocco, Part Deux

Morocco, Rabat, 6 november 2011. Impression Rabat. Photo: Bram Belloni - (Bram Belloni)

Impression Rabat, Morocco
november 2011

For dutch foundation Stichting Art. 1, i went first half of November to Morocco for a photo series of young gays in a Muslim country. This series of portraits is an addition to the documentary I am Gay and Muslim, produced by Stichting Art. 1.

With the first results in, the making of the series will continue in the second half of December 2011. Casablanca, Tangier, Al Hoceima, Nador, Rabat; Morocco field trip!

Coming up; the Netherlands Film Festival

Producer Matthijs van Heijningen (right) attends red carpet premiere Simon, NFF 2004. Copyright; Bram Belloni

Producer Matthijs van Heijningen (right) attends red carpet premiere Simon, NFF 2004

In the end of September 2011, Utrecht will become the capital of film with the 31th edition of the Nederlands Film Festival (Netherlands Film Festival). A showcase of the past, present and future of Dutch cinema for public and industry.

There is the Gouden Kalf Competitie (Golden Calf Competition), followed by the Award ceremony. A special focus on Guest of the Year, producer Frans van Gestel of IDTV Film. And, for what i am specifically looking out for, the Beeldenstorm program. Dedicated to new ways of (digital) storytelling, use of social media and crowd funding.

I’ll be at, and working for, the festival. So, check back soon for a view of dutch cinema from within.

Nederlands Film Festival 2011
21-30 September 2011
various locations, Utrecht

> website Nederlands Film Festival (dutch)
> see a selection of 10 years festival photography in the portfolio