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Documentary I am Gay and Muslim Premiers

After months of work, partly in Morocco, the documentary I am Gay and Muslim premiers during the Roze Filmdagen 2012 (Amsterdam Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2012). A documentary that focuses on the subject of gay rights in the Islamic world.

I am very proud of Chris Belloni, the maker of this project, for creating such a special film on such a delicate subject. And it is really nice to see the footage, which came for a big part from my hands, in 2K digital projection. I got blown away by the quality of today’s digital HD camera’s, as shown in the final version on the big screen. Even footage shot on small consumer camera’s, like the Sony NEX series, still stand out.

See Chris speak about the film and upcoming premiere at the Roze Filmdagen (in dutch), here:

FestBits Roze Filmdagen 2012 (via DyzloFilm)

The film is to be seen in Amsterdam till the end of march and will be shown at various international film festivals, for now.

> read more on the project on the I am Gay and Muslim website

Jafar Panahi: Iranian Film-maker Silenced

The Netherlands, Rotterdam, 26 january 2007. International Film Festival Rotterdam 2007. Jafar Panahi, director Offside, in the Kings & Aces programme. (c) Bram Belloni

Jafar Panahi, 2007

January 2011, word got out that the acclaimed Iranian-maker Jafar Panahi was sentenced to six years in prison, after being convicted on charges of working against the Iranian system. Jafar Panahi, known for feature films The Circle (2000) and Offside (2006), is now banned from making films, going abroad and talking to the media for 20 years.

Fellow Iranian film-maker Mahommed Rasulov, who was working on a film with Panahi, also got a six year sentence based on similar charges. At the time of the arrest, in march 2010, together they were planning a picture about the 2009 presidential election in Iran.

Isabella Rossellini reads open letter from Panahi at Berlin International Film Festival 2011 (via: BerlinaleWeb)

Because of his frequent visits to the International Film Festival Rotterdam, i had the opportunity to meet and portray Mr. Panahi in person. With those occasions in mind, it is very hard to acknowledge that artists are still silenced nowadays. Especially someone with the kind and gentle nature like Mr. Panahi.

I set up a special gallery and if you are publishing on Jafar Panahi’s cause, please send an inquiry for imagery.

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