Visual Diary #019 – Amsterdam Frederiksplein

The Netherlands, Amsterdam, 23 November 2013. Amsterdam, view over Frederiksplein and De Nederlandseche Bank (Dutch Central Bank, DNB). Photo: Bram Belloni / Nederland, Amsterdam, 23 november 2013. Amsterdam, zicht over Frederiksplein en De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). Foto: Bram Belloni / (c) 2013, (Bram Belloni)

Amsterdam Frederiksplein, view at De Nederlandsche Bank
November 2013, Bram Belloni

Amsterdam streets; view over Frederiksplein, autumn afternoon.

On Photography – Allan Sekula

The Netherlands, Amsterdam, 23 November 2013. The 26th International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam - IDFA 2013. Tour at Stedelijk Museum, with discussions on reality in art and documentary film. Hosted by IDFA and Stedelijk Museum. Photo: Bram Belloni ((c) 2013, do not use without prior permission)

“Untitled Slide Sequence” by Allan Sekula at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.
November, 2013

With many words already spoken to the discussion whether documentary photography (or film) is unbiased or not, i recently came upon this quote by photographer and visual artist Allan Sekula.

The only “objective” truth that photographs offer is the assertion that somebody or something… was somewhere and took a picture.
- Allan Sekula

Nowadays, the whole debate tends to shift in favor of the ‘subjective’ side. I haven’t been able to find out when exactly this quote was used (given the working career of Sekula probably before the whole discussion started), but in all its simplicity it just nailed it for me.

Visual Diary #018 – Queensday Short Film

A short film shot on Queens-day 2013 – the last Queens-day for a while. On the 30th of April 2013 HM Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicated and left the throne for HM King Willem Alexander.

As usual with Queens-day, Amsterdam turned orange. With this years royal succession, the city was flooded with the Dutch armed forces, blazing in full ceremony glory.

The Queen’s Last Day | Amsterdam Snapshots – a series of short films on Amsterdam
2013, by Bram Belloni

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Visual Diary #017 – Athens, Omonia Square

Omonia Square
July 2013, Athens

See it > High Def on Vimeo

Visual Diary #016 – Athens Summer Solstice

Greece, Athens, 21 June 2013. View on Acropolis (northern face, viewed from Ancient Agora of Athens) on summer solstice 2013. Photo: Bram Belloni / (c) 2013, (Bram Belloni)

Acropolis, summer solstice 2013
June 2013, Bram Belloni

Visual Diary #015 – Shooting Something Else

I am a better shot on film.

First time shooting range - (c) 2013, Bram Belloni

First time shooting range result

Oscar winner Malik Bendjelloul

Swedish director Malik Bendjelloul wins the 2013 Academy Award Best Documentary Feature with documentary Searching for Sugar Man (shared with producer Simon Chinn).

The story behind this highly acclaimed documentary is incredible. Although the film was at IDFA 2012, i still haven’t had the chance to see it. But i did do a series of portraits of Malik Bendjelloul.

The Netherlands, Amsterdam, 17 November 2012. The 25th International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam - IDFA 2012. Portrait Malik Bendjelloul, director documentary Searching for Sugar Man. Photo: Bram Belloni / (c) 2012, (Bram Belloni)

Malik Bendjelloul, 2013 Oscar winner Best Documentary Feature with Searching for Sugar Man
November 2012, Bram Belloni for IDFA

Congrats Malik!

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Editorial Portraits for IFFR 2013

For the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) 2013 edition i am working on various editorial portraits. Guests, usually directors and producers – sometimes cast-, will have their portrait taken for festival magazine Daily Tiger and other publications.

The main competition is the Hivos Tiger Awards Competition, in which debutante directors (with their first feature-length film) compete. A small selection of the, so-called, Tigers.


Portrait Visra Vichit Vadakan - (c) 2013, Bram Belloni

Visra Vichit Vadakan, director Sao karaoke (Karaoke Girl), in the Tiger Awards Competition.
January 2013, Bram Belloni for IFFR


Portrait  Giovanni Columbu - (c) 2013, Bram Belloni

Giovanni Columbu, director Su Re (The King), in the Tiger Awards Competition.
January 2013, Bram Belloni for IFFR

Portrait Mohammad Shirvani - (c) 2013, Bram Belloni

Mohammad Shirvani, director Larzanandeye charbi (Fat Shaker), in the Tiger Awards Competition.
January 2013, Bram Belloni for IFFR


Besides interesting personalities in front of the camera, Rotterdam city itself is also amazing for taking pictures. With modern architecture, the light and locations differs so much from, for example, the more historical Amsterdam where i am used to work in.

Portrait Fien Troch - (c) 2013, Bram Belloni

Fien Troch, director Kid, in the IFFR Spectrum program.
January 2013, Bram Belloni for IFFR

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