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Portrait photography by Bram Belloni

Portrait Photography

Serious or with a twist to them, with always the focus to the person

Corporate photography by Bram Belloni

Corporate Photography

The corporate image visualized through high quality photography

Editorial and News photography by Bram Belloni

Editorial Photography

Photo journalism, capturing the right moment at newsworthy events

Local - Amsterdam - photography by Bram Belloni

Local Photography

Looking for local? Ask a local!

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The Dutch Connection

Bram Belloni is based in the capital of Holland: Amsterdam. With other important cities like Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht being less than one hour away, his territory covers all main commercial, cultural and industrial areas in the Netherlands.

Due to his extended network and knowledge of the system and the culture, he produces photography jobs efficiently and in a snap.



With many years of experience working for editorial and news clients, Bram Belloni is used to work fast, non-intrusive and to improvise on the spot. He always keeps an eye out for the story, whether it is a 5-minute portrait session with a CEO, or a long-term photo documentary.

Without ever losing his own photographic intuition, he is comfortable working according to business clients and publishers’ briefings and visual guidelines.

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Bram Belloni has an extensive experience in producing corporate imagery for clients in the governmental, educational, health-care field and the middle, large private sector.

Bram Belloni works with the client directly, through appointed communication and marketing agencies or for independent editorial publishers.


– editorial publishers
– corporate publishers
– magazines & newspapers
– company communication departments
– advertising, media & communication agencies

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After his study at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague in 2000, Bram Belloni (the Netherlands, 1976) has worked as a freelance photographer for over a decade.

Bram is represented by Dutch photo agency Hollandse Hoogte.

He recently received a special mention at the Pride Photo Award 2012 for his documentary photo project I Am Gay and Muslim.

See his latest work in the Blog Section.

Client list

Worked for, and published in:

  • Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax Agency)
  • National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)
  • ABN Amro Bank
  • Yacht/Randstad Recruitment
  • University of Amsterdam
  • Dutch film festivals IDFA, IFFR, NFF
  • Association of Dutch Designers (BNO)
  • The Guardian
  • NRC Handelsblad