Editorial Portrait: Casper Thomas for Folia Magazine

For Folia Magazine, I was out for a portrait of Dutch journalist and author Casper Thomas. Thomas wrote Competente Rebellen (Competent Rebels), a publication about the 2015 Maagdenhuis occupation at the University of Amsterdam.

Picture had to be taken with Maagdenhuis in the background. The situation 10 minutes before shoot:


Portrait photography on the streets can be challenging; you can almost never have full control of all things in a crowded area. I let things just happen and try to take benefit from the element of surprise.

The Netherlands, Amsterdam, 02 October 2015. Portrait Casper Thomas, Dutch journalist and author Competente rebellen, publication about the 2015 University of Amsterdam Maagdenhuis occupation. Picture taken in front of the Maagdenhuis. Photo: Bram Belloni *DIGITAL ALTERED IMAGE* / Nederland, Amsterdam, 02 oktober 2015. Portret Casper Thomas, journalist en auteur Competente rebellen, een publicatie over de Universiteit van Amsterdam Maagdenhuis bezetting van 2015. Foto genomen voor het Maagdenhuis. Foto: Bram Belloni *DIGITAAL GEMANIPULEERD BEELD* / (c) 2015, www.belloni.nl

Casper Thomas, Dutch journalist and author
October 2015, Bram Belloni for Folia Magazine

And there was, in this case, some digital altering involved.

The result in de publication (click image for larger view):

Casper Thomas, tear sheet Folia Magazine 06-2015
Editorial photography Bram Belloni for Folia Magazine

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