In Memoriam: Jeroen Willems (1962 – 2012)

Today there was the sad news that Jeroen Willems, Dutch actor and performer, passed away at the age of 50.

Jeroen Willems, Carine Crutze - (c) 2010, Bram Belloni

In memoriam: Jeroen Willems (1962 – 2012), with Carine Crutzen (right).
2010, Bram Belloni

Jeroen Willems was known for his acting in film, TV-drama and on stage. More recently also as a musician (singer).

His performances, powerful and passionate, and characters, often mysterious and intriguing, were always a joy to watch.

Jeroen Willems sings Jacques Brel, Wie Volgt – Au Suivant (via MrMoskofiets2)

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