Tearsheet: the new Folia Magazine

Made it to the new Folia Magazine with a spread of one of Amsterdam most beautiful sights; the IJ river. The Folia Magazine, for the University of Amsterdam, just got merged with Hogeschool van Amsterdam’s Havana and had a neat, fresh redesign. In print and online with FoliaWeb.nl. I really like the prominent use of imagery in this new design.

Tearsheet Folia Magazine 06-2011/2012, pag 06-07. (c) Folia Magazine, image (c) Bram Belloni (Bram Belloni)

IJ river during Amsterdam Grachtenrace 2011. Tearsheet Folia Magazine 06-2011/2012

See more:
> Folia Magazine at FoliaWeb.nl
> publisher: Stichting Folia Civitatis
> art direction: Pascal Tieman

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